The Traka Gravel Race

On September 12th our staff, costumers and friends participated in the gravel race organized by klassmark.

This year the race offered 3 routes of different distances; 60-100-200kms. Each one of the cycletours team group signed up for the challenge that most motivated them. The office team wants to make an special mention to the participation and the result of our CEO (Eduard Kirschner) in the longest distance of 200km. A nice goal to reach that finally was possible with a very good performance!

Congratulations to Gerard Freixes (Klassmark Founder) for the organization, for bringing many people to our city with the same passion (with all the necessary health measures) and for promoting girona as the gravel paradise that it is. It was a fantastic gravel day!! see you for sure in the next event in october (Sa costa Brava, Palamos).

Enjoy the bikes!

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