How to circulate by bicycle in Girona’s area

Procedure of circulation by bicycle in Girona's area

The following entry to the blog is about the rules and recommendations about cycling in Girona and surroundings. Good practices will make your trip a great one.

Where to cycle?
  • If there is no bike path, you use the verge of the highways
  • It is only allowed to circulate along a divided highway, if over 14 years old and always on the verge
  • The circulation of 2 bikes in parallel is allowed (no more), except in the stretches with lack of visibility (curves, hilly terrain, fog…)
  • The bicycle has priority ahead of cars if it’s circulates along a bike path, a cycle route or an indicated verge.
  • To take a turn you must indicate the change of direction with your arm in horizontal position
How to cycle?
  • According to the current regulation, in the inter-city routes it’s mandatory to wear a helmet. There are some exceptions, as medical reasons, case of extreme heat.
  • Bikes must have reflective lights (white at the front and red at the back)
  • In the inter-city routes, it is necessary to wear something reflective
Bike + public transport
  • Bike transport is allowed and free of charge in all regional and medium distance trains (RENFE). If you are more than 5 people you need to make a reservation.
  • You are able to put your bike in the public buses from Sant Feliu de Guíxols to Girona and from Girona to Olot (through Amer) with the company TEISA. They only accept 2 bikes every trip and you cannot make reservations

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