Terms & conditions


If you cancel your reservation, you must notify us by sending an e-mail to rental@cycletourscatalonia.com introducing your order number.


  – More than 2 months before the starting date:                                                               30€ (booking fee)

  – Between 2 months and 15 days before the beginning of the route:                      5% of the total

  – Between 15 and 3 days before the beginning of the route:                                      10% of the total

  – 48 hours before the beginning of the route:                                                                    25% of the total

  – The starting day or no show:                                                                                                  100% of the total


–  48 hours before the starting date:                                                                                   10 € per bike (booking fee)

–  The starting day or “no show”:                                                                                             100% of the total


1- If the package includes a hire bike, you have to return the bike to our office or to the place previously agreed at the time and date indicated on the contract. Cicloturisme must previously authorize any alteration to this condition, if any. Failure to notify Cicloturisme will result in the renter being charged a late fee equivalent to the rental of the bike for the time over and above the contract.

2-The bikes are not insured. Renter is responsible for any important damage which may require reparation of bike parts or replacement of accessories and covers the costs of the repair and/or the replacement.

3- In case of LOST or THEFT of the bike/es  the RENTER  agrees to pay Cicloturisme (PRICE PER BIKE): Touring bike: 400 €, Mountain bike    1.200 €, Gravel Bike: 2.100 € and Road Disc bike & e-Bike: 2.900€, GPS: 300€.

4-Because of the cyclist activity, travellers will assume its risks and therefore the agency will not be responsible of the claims for accidents in case you do not arrange the insurances detailed in this contract.

5- In case of the rental of the Road Bike Teammachine SLR02 ONE, Cicloturisme will place a credit card hold, a security deposit, for the amount of 1.000,-€, which will be unblocked after you return the bike without any damage.

6-The renter agrees that he/she will release Cicloturisme from any and all responsibility of liability for injuries or damages to the user of the equipment listed on this form or to any other person.