Greenways of Girona

Vies verdes de Girona

The first section of the Greenway allows you to discover the natural resources of La Garrotxa, such as the volcanic area or the quiet and lovely areas related to the rivers Brugent and Ter.

Olot is the very first city of this tour and you will cycle through this volcanic area. In Olot, there is a Natural Park of the Garrotxa’s volcanoes. It is the most important volcanic landscape of the Iberian Peninsula. For those coming with kids (or not that kids) there is a forest called La Fageda d’en Jordà where you can cycling and walking through it and also do a lot of activities in it, such as ride a horse or discovering the forest by carriage.

La Cellera de Ter there are a few things to visit, the first and the most important is El Pasteral, it was the old railway station and nowadays is an Art School. Doing this route you will pass next to the Ter River where you can enjoy the nature. The Sant Just i Pastor’s hermitage is a small Romanesque hermitage (12th Century) with a rectangular nave, irregular apse and a bell-gable.  

The next town you will pass by is Anglès and here you can stay a while and visit the town. The vapour Burés is an old textile industry where you can find a steam engine from the 1900. In the old town there is a mix of architectural styles. If you go to the highest part of this town you can see the evolution of the Catalan architecture from the medieval era till Noucentisme.

Paisatge Anglès

Following the instructions you will arrive to Bescanó. In this town you will see a Modernist central built by Joan Roca I Pinet in 1908. There are animal sculptures seemed that are petrified. The central provided the towns around the Ter River.  Continue to Girona and you will cycle next to the river where you can see an island called Giant Island you can reached it and discover the natural heritage and practicing the bird-watching.

The end of the first part of the tour is in Girona. The city of Game of Thrones. If you are in Girona you must visit the Cathedral (11th -18th century), the cathedral have a gothic nave (23m) and the widest vault of the world. Walking through the old town you will see the Jewish quarter (12th – 15th century), if you are interests you can visit the Museum of Jewish history. Sant Felix basilica (12-17th century) is the most representative gothic building of the city. The nave is gothic but the front of the building is baroque. The most iconic of the city and where a lot of people take pictures is from the Onyar Houses, the front of the buildings or houses are painted with different intense colours.

The second part of the tour starts in Girona, the next interesting town you will pass by is Cassà de la Selva where the industry of cork is very important. In the middle of the town you will see modernist houses where you can stop and take pictures.

Following Cassà de la Selva, you will find Llagostera where you will see the Sant Feliu’s church from 17th century, it is rectangular and just one nave with an polygonal apse with an imposing entrance of Catalan gothic. The Casino Llagostereng building is Noucentista from 19Th century and it is worth to visit.  

Vista del casino de Llagostera

To finish the tour in Sant Feliu de Guixols, from the mountains to the beach, you will see what a small fishermen town was and you can cycling through the seafront and see the economic progress and also the big houses from modernism style.

We offer you two different routes, one of them is perfect for kids. The bottom buttons will guide you to the different routes. 

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